Monday, 15 December 2008


Agnus Castus - Lunar magick - Used in drawing down the moon and rites of the waxing moon.
Agrimony - Protection - Used in various protection and unhexing magicks
Allspice - Money, luck, health - Burned, scattered to attract money, to aid healing
Aniseed - Protection, purification - used in protection and meditation incense. Fresh leaves ward off evil eye.
Ash Leaves - Protection, prosperity, dreams,healing, love - Placed under the pillow to encourage prophetic dreams. Used in protection and healing spells. Burned to bring prosperity. Carried to bring love.
Blackberry - Wealth, health - promote wealth, good health and confer protection.
Bladderwrack - Protection, money, psychic powers - Used in spells to confer protection.
Burdock root - Protection, healing - Scattered to ward off negative energies. Healing.
Caraway - Protection, lust - Wards off negative energies. Baked in bread and biscuits to promote lust.
Catnip - Love, cat magick - Used in love spells, incense/charms, cat magick.
Chamomile - Sleep, purification, love, meditation - Sprinkled around property to remove spells cast against you. Added to bathwater it attracts love and it is used in sleep and meditation incense.
Chervil - Wisdom, immortality - Used in spells to gain wisdom, insight, especially for the recent bereaved.
Chickweed - Love fertility - Worn to promote love and strengthen relationships. Used in fertility spells.
Cleavers - Love - Carried, used in spells to promote love.
Coltsfoot - Love, peace - Used in love sachets, spells for peace, tranquility.
Comfrey - Travel, Money - Worn or carried to ensure safe travel. The root is also used in money spells.
Damiana - Love, lust - Used in love/lust infusions/spells.
Dill - Protection, money, lust, love - Hung at a door or carried in sachets for protection. Used in money spells. Stimulated lust when eaten.
Elderflower - Protection, healing, exorcism, blessings - hung over doors/windows to ward off evil, grown to confer protection on the home. Used in blessings.
Eucalyptus - Healing, protection - Used in healing poppets, charms. For protection.
Fennel - Protection, healing - Hung up at windows and doors to ward off evil.
Frankincense - Protection - Used as a base for exorcism, healing, consecration and meditation incenses.
Fumitory - Money, exorcism - Sprinkled around the home to draw money and burned to ward off evil.
Goldenrod - Money, divination - Used in money spells, love, finding lost possessions.
G. Celandine - Protection - happiness - Worn as protective charm or to win favour in court.
Ground Ivy - Divination - Reveals those who are working magick against you.
Gypsy Wort - Money, dreams,psychic powers - Carried to promote wealth, prosperity. Added to pillows promotes prophetic dreams, psychic powers.
Heartsease - Love, Love divination - Carried to promote love, used in love divination.
Heather - Luck, protection - Carried to bring luck and protection.
Hops - Health, sleep - used in spells for healing, to promote sleep, rest.
Horehound - Protection - For protective charms. Scattered as exorcism herb.
Hyssop - Purification, protection - Purification, used in baths, charms, infusions. Hung at home, protects against negative energies.

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