Monday, 16 March 2009


Use in a base of 30ml Olive oil

1 drop ceder oil
6 drops lavender
2 drops rosemary
3 drops cypress
4 drops vanilla
1 drop patchouli


Use in a base of 30ml of almond oil or any other base of your choice.

4 drops oak moss oil
2 drops cinnamon oil
1 drop bay oil
2 drops allspice oil

Cinnamon oil may irritate the skin, so this oil is best used for anointing candles

Sunday, 15 March 2009


You Will Need:
Charcoal Blocks
Censor or heat proof bowl.

Place charcoal blocks in censor and place a combination of any of the following on top:

Ceder Chips
Poppy Seed


You Will Need:

Charcoal Blocks


Censor or Heat Proof Bowl

Place charcoal blocks in censor or bowl and place a combination of any of the following on top:





Lemon Verbena

Sweet Pea




This Sabbat occurs in Mid March when night and day are equal. This Sabbat is considered one of fertility, and is the second of the spring celebrations. Seeds are blessed for future planting. Eggs are coloured and placed on the alter as Magickal talismans. The Easter Bunny and baskets of flowers are also Pagan in origin and symbolic of Ostara. The colours light green, lemon yellow and pale pink are colours of this Sabbat.

It is traditional at this time of year to buy or make oneself a new broom (or a new staff if you are male). Both should be ritually consecrated. Brooms are given names in the same way as Familiars and a naming ceremony may be incorporated into the Ostara ritual.

Breads and sweet cakes should be served at dusk and a breakfast feast should coincide with the sunrise on this day.

Saturday, 7 March 2009


AMBER - Used to harmonise the Aura, bring Yin and Yang into balance with one's self.

APPLE - Best worn between the Autumn Equinox and Yule for its high energy and wisdom.

BASIL - Used to sooth tempers between lovers in troublesome times, good for love potions, wealth, floor washes, protection spells.

BAY - Best used for clairvoyance and to enhance psychic visions, also good for protection.

BERGAMOT - Is said when rubbed on money, will ensure the return of riches.. Prosperity spells, wisdom.

CARNATION - Used to ensure strength, good health and for protection.

CEDERWOOD - Used in magick for wealth and prosperity.

CHERRY - Used in love magick. Promotes love, friendship.

CINNAMON - In oil form is known to raise spiritual vibrations, draw money and stimulates psychic powers.

CITRONELLA - Attracts friends and customers. Protection from insects.

CLOVE - Worn to attract the opposite sex. Used to gain prosperity.

COCONUT - Worn to ensure chastity.

CYPRESS - Also known as the tree of death, this oil is used in times of requiem, mourning. Worn for longevity of life. Healing of life. Healing.

EUCALYPTUS - Promotes healing of any hurt, depression or illness. Especially good for colds and flu.

FRANKINCENSE - Sacred to the Egyptians, this oil is worn to protect against negativity and is used as a sacred anointing oil.

GARDENIA - Sacred to the Goddess, this oil is used to bring peaceful vibrations, to attract good spirits into the circle.

GERANIUM - Used to attract others in the matters of love.

HELIOTROPE - Increases clairvoyance, assists meditation, protects from physical harm.

HONEYSUCKLE - Wear to increase psychic abilities and also increase in clairvoyance. In candle magick, use it to increase money and prosperity.

HYACINTH - Stops and prevents nightmares.

JASMINE - Worn at night to induce sleep, causes prophetic dreams.

JUNIPER - Used as an aid in meditation and spiritual enlightenment.

LAVENDER - Used in healing and to bring peace into a troublesome relationship. Peace happiness and calmness.

LEMON - Evokes protective spirits.

LILAC - Used in candle magick as an aid in mental development and past lives, recollection. Keep away from baneful spirits.

MAGNOLIA - This oil is used to maintain a faithful relationship.

MUSK - This oil is used as a sexual attractor and also stimulates the psychic body. Magickally it is used to anoint the Censor.

MIMOSA - Prophetic dreams, getting to the truth, making decisions.

MYRRH - One of the sacred oils, it is worn for blessing, protection and concentration. Purification and meditation.

NARCISSUS - Good for overcoming restlessness, creating harmony.

ORANGE - Brings harmony and raises power.

ORCHID - Worn to attract love, used for mental clarity, psychic perception and creativity.

PATCHOULI - This rich, earthy smell is used to cleanse the aura and is known for capabilities to raise high sexual energy.

PINE - Cleansing aura. In candle magick to increase prosperity.

ROSE - Used to promote thoughts of love and affection.

SAGE - This oil is best used for purification of self and home. Known for longevity, wisdom and power.

SANDALWOOD - Known to be a most spiritual oil, healing, meditation.

SWEET GRASS - Invokes spiritual blessings, aids transformations.

VANILLA - Soothing scent, increases loving and lustful energy.

VETIVER - This is worn to attract a lover. Used in candle magick to repel negativity.

VIOLET - Used in healing. Ward off evil, helps smooth out tensions in a love affair.

YLANG YLANG - Soothing, used in all aspects of healing. Used in sex magicks.