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This is part of the Wiccan meeting rites held at every Sabbat and Esbat and is a thanksgiving for good things to eat and drink. The cakes represent the good things from the goddess such as wheat, plus the gifts of the Goddess of the Underworld and the Goddess of the sea, the salt, and also the gift of honey. The wine represents the gifts from the Horned God - the vine, or wine!

The Cakes and Ale ceremony is a very old ritual and is mentioned in Aradia - The Gospel of the Witches by G.C. Leland.

Here follows the supper, of what it must consist, and what shall be said and done to consecrate it to Diana.

You shall take meal (Flour) and salt, honey and water, and make this incantation:

I conjure thee, O meal!
Who art indeed our body, since without thee
We could not live, thou who (at first as seed)
Before becoming flower went in the earth,
Where all deep secrets hide, and when ground
Didst dance like dust in the wind, and yet meanwhile
Didst bear with thee in flitting, secrets strange!

And yet erewhile, when tough wert in the ear,
Even as a (golden) glittering grain, even then
The fireflies came to cast on thee their light
And aid they growth, because without their help
Thou Couldst not grow nor beautiful become
Therefore thou dost belong unto the race
Of Witches or of fairies, and because
The fireflies do belong unto the sun....

Queen of the fireflies! hurry apace
Come to me now as if running a race,
Bridle the horse as you hear me now sing!
Bridle, O bridle the son of the king!
Come in a hurry and bring him to me!
The son of the king will ere long set thee free;
And because thou for ever art brilliant and fair,
Under a glass I will keep thee; while there,
With a lens I will study thy secrets concealed,
Till there bright mysteries are are fully revealed.
Yea all the wondrous lore perplexed
Of this life of our cross and the next.
Thus to all mysteries I shall attain,
Yea, even to that at last of the grain;
And when this at last I shall truly know,
Firefly, freely I'll let thee go!
When earth's dark secrets are known to me,
My blessing at last I will give to thee!

I do conjure thee O salt, lo! here at noon,
Exactly in the Middle of a stream
I take my place and see the water round,
Likewise here besides the water and the sun:
For all my soul is turned in truth to them;
I do indeed desire no other thought,
I yearn to learn the very truth of truths,
For I have suffered long with the desire
To know my future or my coming fate,
If good or evil will prevail in it.
Water and sun, be gracious unto me.

Then shall follow the Conjuration of Diana.

Your shall make cakes of meal, wine, salt and honey in the shape of a crescent moon, and then
put them to bake and say:

I do not bake the bread, nor with it salt,
Nor do I cook the honey with the wine,
I bake the body and blood and soul,
The soul of (great) Diana, that she shall
Know neither rest nor peace, and ever be
I cruel suffering till she will grant
What I request, what I do most desire,
I beg it of her from my very heart!
And if this grace be granted, O Diana!
In honour of thee I will hold this feast,
Feast and drain the goblet deep,
We will dance and wildly leap
And if thou grant'st the grace which I require
Then when the dance is wildest, all the lamps
Shall be extinguished and we'll freely love!

And thus shall it be done, all shall sit down to the supper and after the feast is over they shall sing, dance and make music in Diana's praise.

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