Sunday, 15 March 2009


This Sabbat occurs in Mid March when night and day are equal. This Sabbat is considered one of fertility, and is the second of the spring celebrations. Seeds are blessed for future planting. Eggs are coloured and placed on the alter as Magickal talismans. The Easter Bunny and baskets of flowers are also Pagan in origin and symbolic of Ostara. The colours light green, lemon yellow and pale pink are colours of this Sabbat.

It is traditional at this time of year to buy or make oneself a new broom (or a new staff if you are male). Both should be ritually consecrated. Brooms are given names in the same way as Familiars and a naming ceremony may be incorporated into the Ostara ritual.

Breads and sweet cakes should be served at dusk and a breakfast feast should coincide with the sunrise on this day.

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