Saturday, 7 March 2009


AMBER - Used to harmonise the Aura, bring Yin and Yang into balance with one's self.

APPLE - Best worn between the Autumn Equinox and Yule for its high energy and wisdom.

BASIL - Used to sooth tempers between lovers in troublesome times, good for love potions, wealth, floor washes, protection spells.

BAY - Best used for clairvoyance and to enhance psychic visions, also good for protection.

BERGAMOT - Is said when rubbed on money, will ensure the return of riches.. Prosperity spells, wisdom.

CARNATION - Used to ensure strength, good health and for protection.

CEDERWOOD - Used in magick for wealth and prosperity.

CHERRY - Used in love magick. Promotes love, friendship.

CINNAMON - In oil form is known to raise spiritual vibrations, draw money and stimulates psychic powers.

CITRONELLA - Attracts friends and customers. Protection from insects.

CLOVE - Worn to attract the opposite sex. Used to gain prosperity.

COCONUT - Worn to ensure chastity.

CYPRESS - Also known as the tree of death, this oil is used in times of requiem, mourning. Worn for longevity of life. Healing of life. Healing.

EUCALYPTUS - Promotes healing of any hurt, depression or illness. Especially good for colds and flu.

FRANKINCENSE - Sacred to the Egyptians, this oil is worn to protect against negativity and is used as a sacred anointing oil.

GARDENIA - Sacred to the Goddess, this oil is used to bring peaceful vibrations, to attract good spirits into the circle.

GERANIUM - Used to attract others in the matters of love.

HELIOTROPE - Increases clairvoyance, assists meditation, protects from physical harm.

HONEYSUCKLE - Wear to increase psychic abilities and also increase in clairvoyance. In candle magick, use it to increase money and prosperity.

HYACINTH - Stops and prevents nightmares.

JASMINE - Worn at night to induce sleep, causes prophetic dreams.

JUNIPER - Used as an aid in meditation and spiritual enlightenment.

LAVENDER - Used in healing and to bring peace into a troublesome relationship. Peace happiness and calmness.

LEMON - Evokes protective spirits.

LILAC - Used in candle magick as an aid in mental development and past lives, recollection. Keep away from baneful spirits.

MAGNOLIA - This oil is used to maintain a faithful relationship.

MUSK - This oil is used as a sexual attractor and also stimulates the psychic body. Magickally it is used to anoint the Censor.

MIMOSA - Prophetic dreams, getting to the truth, making decisions.

MYRRH - One of the sacred oils, it is worn for blessing, protection and concentration. Purification and meditation.

NARCISSUS - Good for overcoming restlessness, creating harmony.

ORANGE - Brings harmony and raises power.

ORCHID - Worn to attract love, used for mental clarity, psychic perception and creativity.

PATCHOULI - This rich, earthy smell is used to cleanse the aura and is known for capabilities to raise high sexual energy.

PINE - Cleansing aura. In candle magick to increase prosperity.

ROSE - Used to promote thoughts of love and affection.

SAGE - This oil is best used for purification of self and home. Known for longevity, wisdom and power.

SANDALWOOD - Known to be a most spiritual oil, healing, meditation.

SWEET GRASS - Invokes spiritual blessings, aids transformations.

VANILLA - Soothing scent, increases loving and lustful energy.

VETIVER - This is worn to attract a lover. Used in candle magick to repel negativity.

VIOLET - Used in healing. Ward off evil, helps smooth out tensions in a love affair.

YLANG YLANG - Soothing, used in all aspects of healing. Used in sex magicks.

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